Welcome Parents

Hello parents and thank you for taking the time to visit.  Below is a copy of my contact information as well as course objectives and expectations.  I hope you find the information useful and do not hesitate to contact me at any time if you have questions.  I am looking forward to a great school year.  Go Wildcats!


Quizlet.com has virtual flash cards so you don't have to make them.   Go to their website and search for Realidades. 

Hanover Central High School

Sr. Mendoza - Room 620

Phone – 219-374-3828



Course Objectives and Expectations for Spanish





  1. To learn the essentials of Spanish grammar as applied in everyday conversation, writing, listening, and reading.
  2. To learn about Spanish speaking countries and their respective culture, art, and history.
  3. To be responsible for all of your homework, quizzes, tests and make-up work.


Course Expectations



Everyday you must bring your proper materials: text, workbook, writing utensil (blue/black pen), and a notebook dedicated to Spanish.  Bring these things to class everyday unless instructed to do otherwise.  You may be assigned a tardy to return to locker to retrieve materials.



Always follow common school procedures as outlined in your handbook/planner.  Respect everyone and everything in the classroom.  I will not borrow things from you without asking so please give the same courtesy.  If you are disruptive, you will be 1.  Warned in class.  2.   Asked to leave the classroom with teacher conference to follow.  3.  Sent to Mr. Bachinski in the middle school office for further discipline.    


Semester Grades

Your first semester grade is broken down as follows:

43% for work done during 1st Quarter

43% for work done during 2nd Quarter

14% for final exam

Your second semester grade is based on the same scale as first- 43/43/14. 



Quarter Grades

Although there are points for a variety of things we do in class, please keep in mind that this class is weighted.  This is different from adding all of your accumulated points and dividing by total possible.

1.       Homework is worth 30% of your grade no matter how many points there are for each assignment.  Although I review and grade late work, I do not accept them for credit unless you are absent and make up your work in a timely fashion- see school handbook for details on how long you have to catch up.

2.       Quizzes are also worth 30% of your grade.  There are short 10 point vocabulary quizzes that we take frequently.  Less frequently, you will take vocabulary quizzes that worth approximately 50 points per lesson.  In addition, there are occasional quizzes over grammar that may be unannounced (10 points) or announced (as much as approximately 50 points).  However, your quiz grades will account for 30% of your nine week grade.

3.      Tests are worth 40% of your grade.  Tests are worth 100 points over each section's vocabulary, grammar, culture, and listening and/or reading sections.

Absent Work

Please write ABSENT on these assignments and place in my inbox.  Be sure to turn work in on time unless I have given you special permission.  All work not turned in (including tests and quizzes) within a timely fashion will result in a zero.


You must be in your seat before the bell rings or you will be tardy.

In closing, I am quite aware that students cheat frequently.  I hope you are aware of the consequences.  Zero credit, referred to office for up to 5 detentions, and a phone call home.  No excuses. 

Ideas for Success in this class:


  1. Make flashcards and study the vocabulary every night- at least 15 minutes.  Sometimes students wait until the last moment to study a big list and have trouble doing it all at once.
  2. Do any and all practices available online at http://www.quia.com/profiles/fmendoza.  Students can do these practices as many times as they would like.  Those that use this site as an extra practice usually have very positive results.
  3. Get organized.  Too many times, I see students that have no idea where their notes, vocabulary list, and/or handouts are for any given chapter/section.  Label and keep all of this together in a binder or folder so that you will have it all together when it comes time to study for tests/quizzes.
  4. Visit me during success period or SRT.  I am finally starting to see a few students during this helpful period and I am always glad to help in any way that I can.  Success period and SRT can be used for anything from a.)  a time where you ask a simple question about homework to b.) teaching a lesson from a previous class.


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